Peasant's Quest

Flash-based adventure game in which the hero, Rather Dashing, seeks revenge in 16 bit CGI color against the dragon, Trogdor, who burninated his village.


Walk through an alien space ship and work out how to make it change its course.

Last Half of Darkness

Explore a haunted house and find the way out. [May not work in all browsers]

Suspicion of Murder

Solve a crime online in this mystery adventure game. It's free, it's online, it doesn't need a download.

Infinite Story

Extensible "choose your own adventure" stories.


An extendable choose your own adventure story. Similar to The Addventurers. The story is created by the players.

The Addventurers

Interactive, extendable, choose your own adventure stories.

Our Story

Interactive fiction resource for writers. Members may write a new open-ended story, or write an addition to an already active story.


A graphical adventure based on a virtual being that was created from the radio waves that surrounds the Earth. Includes an interactive game with each episode.

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