The Great IF Toaster Contest

Make an interactive fiction game using any development system to create a toaster. The toaster should have a lever on it and a slide or dial to set the darkness to.


Includes PC game walkthroughs, hints and cheats, discussion forums, list of game publishers and official sites, game reviews and previews.

Cyberpunk games

Site discusses many cyberpunk games (or heavily influence by cyberpunk) including various text and graphic adventure games from 1984 to 2003.

Brass Lantern

News, articles, and interviews about adventure games, edited by Steven Granade.


This site tries to list all adventure games (interactive fiction) produced over the years. This includes text adventures and their graphical decendants, but doesn't include RPGs.

Homestar Runner Wiki - Peasant's Quest

Complete overview of the game including instructions, fun facts, references, easter eggs, ways to die, glitches, the map, hints and tips, and a walkthrough.

Crimson Room

An escape game by Toshimitsu Takagi.

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